Illustrator imagines what Disney princesses would look like with curly hair

What our favorite Disney princesses would look like with curls. (Photo: Instagram/Straycurls)
What our favorite Disney princesses would look like with curls. (Photo: Instagram/Straycurls)

You’ve seen them without makeup and sans immaculately styled hair, but you’ve never seen Disney princesses quite like this. Indian illustrator and comic artist Angela Mary Vaz has drawn your favorite fairy-tale females without their perfectly manicured locks, and they look a lot more relatable.

“The first [Disney] comic I created was actually my very own character in a Rapunzel style,” Vaz tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “But a lot of my followers got terribly excited and asked me to do more characters from Disney.” When she posted the Rapunzel image, which featured a curly-haired Rapunzel leaning out of her tower to tell a suitor, “sorry babe! My straightener died…” on social media, it got almost 30,000 likes. “Being a huge Disney fan, I thought, ‘Why not!’” Vaz says of drawing more Disney characters. “And that’s how I got started.”

Next up was Sleeping Beauty, who in Vaz’s eyes has big blond curls and a serious case of bedhead when kissed by the prince.

Her third princess was Pocahontas. In Vaz’s version, Pocahontas’s beloved wind blows tons of leaves into her voluminous mane. Super-relatable.

Our favorite, though, might be her version of The Little Mermaid, in which Ariel has utensils stuck in her unruly red hair.

Then, of course, there’s curly-haired Belle, who asks the beast for conditioning tips.

“As a curly girl, I used to envy girls with smooth and silky curly hair. I had no idea how to approach them in order to ask what their secret was,” Vaz captioned that post. “And has anyone noticed how tame and smooth Beast’s fur is?”

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve hated my hair,” the illustrator tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Mainly because I didn’t really know how to take care of it and I was bullied and teased for looking so ‘odd.’ One day, I drew a comic about curly hair. But the reaction to that one particular comic was totally unexpected. Instead of people making fun of it, I got comments and messages from curly-haired women feeling happy because they were able to relate to it.

“No doubt, the topic of curly hair has been given attention before. But this felt different. Being able to highlight each one of these problems that I (along with so many others with curly hair) face has become a part of my comics and me. Not to mention, I simply love drawing hair (that’s my favorite part of the comic).”

When Vaz isn’t drawing Disney princesses, she’s drawing other curly-haired characters to show what life is really like with untamed waves — not the kind a stylist creates. She tackles problems like bangs, middle parts, and hair ties.

She also takes other style and beauty issues head on like bra shopping, acne, and online shopping.

Vaz is an expert at showing expectations versus realities, but hair is definitely her specialty. And her followers can always relate. Her posts receive comments like, “Tell me about it,” “I feel you, girl,” “true,” and “my life in a nutshell.”

As for her Disney princess illustrations, there are likely more to look forward to. “I do want to cover Mulan and Snow White,” Vaz says. “All I know is, I love curly hair, and I will never stop making curly hair comics.”

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