If Disney Princesses Had Less-Than-Perfect Hair

·Senior Editor

Those Disney princesses really do have it all—kingdoms that worship them, charming and handsome love interests, slim-yet-perfectly- hourglass figures, and a lifetime of good hair days. OK, that last one truly isn’t fair. How can you be under the sea or flying on a magic carpet without a single strand out of place? Loryn Brantz, an Illustrator over at Buzzfeed, created a series of images that debunks the every-present shiny, voluminous hair of Disney’s leading ladies by altering them to be more realistic. “I'm just trying to make role models for little girls more relatable one drawing at a time,” Brantz told Yahoo Beauty. Click through for Ariel, Jasmine, Cindarella, and Elsa like you’ve never seen them before. Someone get these girls some mousse.