Emily Ratajkowski shares revealing photo from Morocco

The model posted this shot to Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/emrata)
The model posted this shot to Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski is showing a lot of skin in her latest Instagram post, and while no one’s doubting her beauty, some are wondering if the setting was appropriate.

The photo shows the model posed sensually in an ornate archway, wearing nothing but a long robe and white underwear. The robe is open, exposing a lot of breast, leg, and stomach. “Merci Marrakech, you are amazing,” Ratajkowski captioned the photo.

Merci Marrakech, you are amazing @lamamouniamarrakech

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Oct 9, 2017 at 4:25am PDT

Many followers are pointing out that Morocco is probably not the best place to be so scantily clad. The official religion of Morocco is Islam, which places a great deal of emphasis on modesty. “Clothes and accessories are not meant to attract attention or excessively reveal the body. Women should ensure that their clothes do not expose the décolletage, shoulders, or thighs,” Morocco World News writes about what to wear in the region.

“Ems, the architecture is ornate and beautiful. It frames the photo nicely, though I would have chosen something for you to wear that might have been a bit more appropriate,” one follower expressed. “Hmm not so amazing. If they’d found that pic while you were there then you’d probably be in jail,” said another. Others pointed out the risk she’s taking showing so much skin. “Warning….. they arrest you in that country,” a follower wrote. “Careful..in other places you find yourself in prison for a picture like that,” said someone else similarly. While those warnings may sound overly cautionary, it is true that a premium is put on “decency” in the Muslim country. Back in 2015, two women in their 20s were brought to trial for wearing skirts that were under scrutiny for “public obscenity.” Relatedly, controversy surrounded a Jennifer Lopez concert in the country in 2015 that people found to be “sexually suggestive.”

According to the geotag on Ratajkowski’s photo, which places her at the hotel La Mamounia Marrakech, she was likely not in public while this photo was taken. Still, it’s ruffling feathers.

Three days ago, she shared a photo of herself out and about in the city, and she’s dressed more modestly in a three-quarter-sleeved polka-dot dress.

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Oct 6, 2017 at 6:51am PDT

But the following day she shared a topless shot in which she covered her breasts with her arms and wore only underwear on the bottom.

Of course, Ratajkowski can wear whatever she wants. But there is something to be said about respecting the customs of the country.

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