DEC 22 - JAN 19

At the beginning of the week, the astrological influences could have you feeling like backing out of social plans and even putting work aside (gasp!) in order to devote a solid chunk of time to rest and relaxation. Lately, you’ve been taking on more than you realize, and it could be catching up with you. A time-out for self-care is well deserved and crucial to maintaining your wellness so you can continue firing on all cylinders. Later in the week, you’ll get a burst of energy to tackle joint projects with your partner or a close friend. Your tendency could be to take on everything all at once and go hard right off the bat, which is admirable, but you’ll do even better if you can be pragmatic and lean into collaboration as opposed to running at your own pace. The ultimate win now comes from working one-on-one.
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24 october - 30 october
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe