This Gorgeous French Press Keeps My Coffee Hot for Hours and Leaves No Grit in My Cup

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I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point between being a sleep-deprived college student and a functioning (although also sleep-deprived) adult, I became a hobby guy. And whether it’s cycling, home brewing, powerlifting, or cooking, there’s one thing all of my hobbies have in common: the opportunity to stock up on a ton of cool (and often nerdy) gadgets and gear. If you’ve kept up with anything I’ve written for The Kitchn, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of anything coffee-related, too, and I’ve amassed a ton of brewing gadgets, different kinds of filters, coffee makers, and carafes along the way — many of which I’ve written about in reviews on the site. However, out of all the brewing methods I’ve tried, I’ve never had a ton of luck with French presses (outside of using them as quick-and-dirty cold brew makers). That all changed, though, when I got to try out Quince’s new stainless steel French press. This game-changing coffee brewer sold out twice, and is massively on sale, too!

Stainless Steel French Press
Stainless Steel French Press

Stainless Steel French Press

$29.90 (was $139.95) at Quince

What Is the Quince Stainless Steel French Press?

This stunning, minimalist French press is made from durable, high-quality materials and looks incredible sitting on your countertop. Its convenient brewing system works without need for a paper filter, and the double-wall build helps it stay hot until you’re ready to pour. It’s one of the only French presses that (when using the proper grind size) really cuts down on the amount of grit in your cup, and if you make a full “pot” you can be sure that there really won’t be any sediment in the finished product, provided you use the correct technique.

Quince Stainless Steel French Press
Credit: Quince Credit: Quince

Why I Love the Quince Stainless Steel French Press

Besides the delicious, rich flavors that immersion-style coffee produces, there’s a cool factor that I think people who use French presses as their daily coffee brewing method really understand. The ritual is super fun, and there’s just something about the design of Quince’s French press that I really love. (Because the cabinets in my tiny apartment kitchen are already packed to the brim with all of the kitchen gear I test on a regular basis, the French press lives on my countertop in all of its shiny glory, so the chic look is a big selling point for me.) Plus, because it’s not see-through like many other French presses, you don’t have to stare at spent coffee grounds after you’ve made your cup. The best part about it, though, is the double-walled construction — coffee getting cold is a popular complaint among French press-averse coffee drinkers, but with Quince’s, it stays warm for a couple of hours on the high end. That means you can take your time and really enjoy the French press experience — as you should!

So, if you’re in the market for an easy-to-use French press that keeps your coffee hot, makes your morning routine more delicious, and looks great sitting on your countertop, there’s no better model than Quince’s stainless steel French press — especially while it’s still marked down!

Buy: Quince Stainless Steel French Press, $29.90 (normally $139.95)