Get a Perfectly Ripe Avocado Every Time With This Simple Hack

As any avocado lover knows, finding a perfectly ripe specimen takes lots of time, patience, and often, heartbreak. We’re talking countless minutes squeezing in the grocery store trying to find the just-right firmness, or waiting patiently for them to ripen at home, only to find that too much time has passed and brownness has taken hold.

No matter how you play it, there really is no solution to finding that ripe perfection every time…. That is, until now.

With this easy hack from Buzzfeed, you’re guaranteed to always find the avocado to fit your guacamole and avo-toasting needs.

The secret is in the stem. More specifically, the color of the stem. If you peel away the nub covering the end of the avocado, the tone of the circle of skin beneath will tell you everything you need to know.

A green circle indicates that the avocado is underripe. If it’s dark brown, it’s overripe.

The color to look for is a yellowish tone, which will indicate that your avocado has reached ideal ripeness. Now all that’s left to do is scoop, slice, and serve.

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