Former Amish Work Horse’s Pure Joy While Rolling in a Pasture at Sanctuary Is Everything

Shutterstock/Stacy Nazelrod

Horses play a crucial role in the traditional agricultural lifestyle of the Amish community; however, sometimes they're being so overworked and abused that they're not of good use anymore and are then being discarded.

TikToker @harmonrazzano, who rescues horses, shared a video, posted on November 11, of a former Amish workhorse named Big John, who is now living his best life, and we are all here for it!

Aw, look at him! He acts like a puppy. I guess that's why horses and cows are being called "grass puppies."

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The Amish, a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships, are known for their simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology. In their agrarian way of life, horses are often essential for various tasks, and they are highly valued members of the Amish farm.

However, many horses are being abused, such as Big John, and then being sold at auctions, oftentimes ending up at the slaughterhouse.

Poor Big John had been pulling heavy loads for the past 20 years and now has permanent harness scars due to an ill-fitted harness, whip marks, and a rotated rear leg.

His previous owners worked him until he couldn't take it any longer.

But thankfully, he has been rescued and is enjoying life now to the fullest, rolling around in the grass under sunny blue skies.

And although he is one of the biggest horses, standing tall at 6 feet, he is an absolute gentle giant.

Look at how happy he is now that he has been rescued and is at the sanctuary.

This is what retirement should look like!

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