Video of Blind Horse Making a New Friend at Sanctuary Is Such a Gift

Since horses are herd animals, social in nature, that thrive in company even when they're blind, it only makes sense to find a blind horse the perfect guide—another horse.

The @foreverlandfarm is on board with that, as the staff shared a video, posted on October 16, of their newest addition, Matilda, who's fully blind due to losing both of her eyes because of an infection, and how she is being approached by the other horses, and I'd say it's going pretty well. Let's check it out!

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Aw, look at how gently the other horse approaches Matlida.

He gives her kisses, and she doesn't mind it all, although she doesn't care too much for the boys, according to the video caption.

However, she also seems to like the attention, as horses are social animals, and a companion can help guide and reassure a blind horse.

These relationships provide emotional support and mental stimulation; however, introducing blind horses to potential friends should be done gradually to ensure compatibility.

It sure is good for her to bond with other horses, eat hay, and roam around the pasture after losing her home.

This poor girl not only lost her eyesight but also her beloved home, and she had nobody else to help her navigate her surroundings.

Thankfully, this animal sanctuary took her in.

Depending on how well she adjusts and gets along with the other horses, they'll keep her; if not, they will find another solution for her, as the welfare and safety of all the animals come first, which is always the best approach.

The next steps will probably be establishing a daily routine with consistent feeding, turnout, and exercise schedules to help Matilda feel more secure and comfortable.

We hope Matilda will adjust well at the sanctuary!

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