Watch: Mom Reunited With Beloved Horses After They Ride Out Hurricane Idalia

Nothing is worse than suddenly having to leave due to unpredictable weather conditions, such as a hurricane or tornado, and leave everything behind, including your farm animals.

Florida resident @rebelgirl3194 just experienced Hurricane Idalia, which caused a lot of havoc among wildlife and infrastructure, and she had to evacuate her place, including her beloved horses. In her video, posted on September 3, she shared an update as she reunited with them. Let's watch!

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Thank goodness they're both safe! Despite a lot of property being destroyed by Hurricane Idalia, it looks like they found shelter and survived quite well without being harmed.

Horses are instinctively aware of changing weather patterns and may seek shelter when they sense an approaching storm. If they have access to a stable, barn, or other secure structure, they may naturally seek refuge there.

Since horses are herd animals, they often seek safety and comfort in the company of other horses. During a hurricane, they may huddle together, forming a protective circle with their heads facing outward to minimize the impact of wind and rain. It's good that there are two of them.

They may look a little spooked, as horses can become restless and anxious during the storm and may pace, whinny, or exhibit other signs of stress even after the storm has passed.

However, once they noticed they were safe and their owner returned, they were certainly happy, as they came right away and whinnied when she called their names.

Stories of people being reunited with their beloved horses or pets after natural disasters are heartwarming and inspiring. Such reunions often highlight the resilience and strength of the human-animal bond, especially with horses, as they have a long history of interaction with humans dating back thousands of years.

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