Floridian Shares What Pet Owners Need to Prepare Prior to Hurricane Idalia Making Landfall

With the East Coast getting ready for Hurricane Idalia to make landfall early Wednesday morning, several states and cities are preparing for the worst. Part of this preparation includes evacuations, stocking up on water and food, and checking emergency power sources. As for pet parents, there are a few extra steps they should consider as they prepare for the hurricane.

TikTok user @tracyfosterling shared a very informative video for those pet parents who might be in the path of the hurricane. It's important to take these steps prior to it hitting landfall as it's always better to be over prepared.

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We hate that she even had to mention the first part, but the reality is some pet owners decide to leave their fur babies behind, which absolutely breaks our hearts. We believe pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else. If you are going through an evacuation, please bring your pets with you.

It's also always better to be overprepared with pet food and water. You never know how long it might take for stores to open back up and since pets can't eat most human foods, have at least a week's supply for your pet. The same goes for medications for your pets. Double check that they aren't running low. Always have an evacuation plan ready to go and be sure that your pet is microchipped or has a collar where someone can identify them just in case they get lost.

There are plenty of other plans and steps to take whenever a natural disater might be heading your way. One Florida woman has a genius plan she's using for her horses that can most likely be used on other pets. The Fox 35 Orlando report shared that this woman shaves her phone number into the horses' coats. This is a precautionary measure that will help keep track of livestock or other animals. We hope everyone and all the animals stay safe during this hurricane.

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