Five Below Is Selling a Super-Cute 2-in-1 Cooler Tote Bag for Just $5, and Fans are Sprinting to Grab Every Style

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When you’re gearing up for a big day at the beach, it'S important to have plenty of drinks and snacks available to get you and your friends through the day. However, there is nothing worse than reaching into your bag and grabbing a bottle of your favorite beverage only to discover it has become extremely warm due to being left out in the sun. And that turkey sandwich you packed? Well, it's also moist from the heat inside of the bag and not at all as appetizing as it once was.

A major key to the success of a fun beach day is having a quality cooler. Whether it's a giant cooler that requires multiple people to carry or an easy over the shoulder bag that can provide for smaller groups of people, having a cooler of any kind is going to be a game changer. And if you live near any of Five Below's many retail locations, the popular discount retailer has the perfect cooler tote bag for this year's beach day activities.

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Available for just $5, the Cooler Tote Bag from Five Below is the perfect accessory for keeping your food and drinks cool and packed into one place on a hot day at the beach. If ever you needed an even cuter way to store your beach day necessities, this is the bag you’ve been searching for.

Customers can choose between three style options—including grapefruit, orange and watermelon—each of which features an adorable fruit design on the base of its bag. The totes are designed with a transparent mesh upper compartment that zips open at the base to reveal a convenient cooler compartment. On the outside, the bag has a front pocket that zips shut for extra storage and two convenient carrying straps positioned on either side of the bag.

Each bag measures out to be 21-inches long, 20-inches tall and 6-inches wide and can be folded down when not in use for easy storage. Those interested in picking up one or two of these super-cute cooler tote bags can find them both online and in-store now, but supplies are likely to dwindle quickly. Make sure to snag one for yourself before it's too late!

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