The Fast-Food Item Drew Barrymore Calls 'So Good'

Drew Barrymore

Lately, it seems as though it's becoming a trend for celebrities to share their favorite fast-food orders on social media. Between Vera Wang’s adoration for McDonald’s — which had her famously propping her fries atop a Louis Vuitton bag — and Reba McEntire’s inability to stay away from Sonic Drive-In’s tater tots, a celebrity's love for fast-food clearly knows no bounds. And in more recent news, Drew Barrymore has jumped on the bandwagon, taking to her Instagram to confess her love for Sonic Drive-In as well.

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In preparation for the return of her morning talk show's new season, Barrymore has been actively present on her social media, sharing bits and pieces from her work life with fans. And on what seems to be a quick lunchtime run to Sonic-Drive in, the Charlie’s Angels star revealed just how far her love for the popular fast food drive-in goes.

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“I love you very much,” Barrymore wrote in the caption of her post, while revealing the two items she orders most at Sonic Drive-In: tater tots and a strawberry milkshake. As Barrymore and her entourage pull up to order, the actress confirms with her friends that everyone is in fact ordering tater tots, endearingly referring to them as “tots,” while proceeding to order five servings.

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As the video continues, Barrymore can be seen enjoying the first sip of Sonic’s strawberry milkshake, which was topped with whipped cream and a cherry. “It’s so good,” the actress exclaims before toasting the fast-food joint with her friend and taking another sip of her shake, “It’s SO good,” she repeats in satisfaction.

While it's fun to see our favorite celebrities share similar tastes and cravings as the rest of us, it's important to remember that fast-food should definitely be eaten in moderation. Vera Wang’s habit of going weeks at a time eating nothing but McDonald’s is definitely a health risk, whereas Barrymore’s approach with a simple order of “tots” and a milkshake can act as a more mild approach to fast food consumption. Just offering up some fast-food for thought.

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