The Fast-Food Joint Travis Kelce Says Has 'The Best' Burger

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been dominating our timelines with their whirlwind romance. While neither is a stranger to fame and media attention, the newly minted couple has piqued our collective interest in all things “Traylor,” “Tayvis,” or “Swelce.” The most recent addition to the couple’s canon focuses heavily on the diet of the Kansas City Chiefs superstar and two-time Super Bowl winner.

To catch you up to speed, Travis and his brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, host a podcast called New Heights. Initially launched in September of 2022, the hilarious podcast shows the brothers at their most relaxed with the duo often conducting interviews and hosting special guests related to the game of football.

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More often than not, the episodes delude into nothing more than shared laughs between the two siblings as they trade jabs back and forth. In a clip from a recent food-focused compilation, the brothers discussed their favorite fast-food places, with the condition being that they had to have a drive-thru.

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Surprisingly, Travis shared that his favorite place to grab a burger on the go is none other than Burger King. “I think Burger King’s got the best fast food burgers,” Travis said, to which Jason gleefully agreed, “I’ve been saying that for years!” After confirming that they both go for the Double Whopper with cheese, Jason didn’t let Travis’ disdain for mayo slide and quipped, “You don’t even like mayonnaise; why do you like the Whopper if you don’t like mayonnaise?” Travis didn’t miss a beat in sharing his exact order, which is, “No mayonnaise, no onions.”

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Aside from Burger King, the Chief’s tight end went on to rank his second and third fast-food burger joints, with Wendy’s and In-N-Out taking their respective places. Other notable food mentions included the revelation that Travis doesn’t like “tubular-shaped meats” and Jason’s side-splitting quip, “I love sausages. Sometimes I don’t even chew them; I just swallow them right down my gullet.”

Although Travis isn’t a fan of mayo, maybe he’ll be interested in Heinz’s newly released Simply Ranch in honor of his new love story.

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