Dog Mom Shares Important ‘Rule’ for Senior Pups and People Are Here for It


As a pet parent, of course we follow certain rules to ensure our fur babies are safe and well, and we train them to follow rules as well. However, when they get to a certain age, the only rule they should follow is their own.

The owner of Syd, a Golden Retriever senior, agrees and shares one important rule every senior dog owner should follow, posted in this video on November 12. Let's find out more!

"Once they hit double digits, it's really important to let them do whatever the f they want," Syd's mom says in the video.

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This perspective recognizes the importance of providing senior dogs with comfort, freedom, and enjoyment in their later stages of life.

I stand behind this as well!

When your dog reaches double digits, he or she is in their "golden years," and we never know how long they'll be with us, so every minute counts! In particular, Golden Retrievers often die at an earlier age.

As dogs age, they may experience physical limitations or health issues, and allowing them to engage in activities they enjoy or making their environment more accommodating can enhance their overall well-being. This might include letting them choose their resting spots, providing cozy beds, offering gentle play, and being understanding if they're less active or have specific preferences.

I let my 13-year-old Pit Bull do as he pleases, as long as he's safe. That doesn't mean he gets table scraps, but he gets a few treats a day, some cheese here and there, and sometimes a slice of pizza when we go out.

By letting him do as he pleases, he can enjoy life to the fullest, especially since he is a rescue pup and had a tough first few years of his life. That being said, he is also allowed to sleep in my bed for extra comfort.

This statement, "To let your senior dog do whatever it wants to do," aligns with the understanding that older dogs, like their human counterparts, deserve special care, attention, and the freedom to enjoy life on their terms.

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