Our Dog 'Adopted' His Very Own Kitten & Now They Can't Live Without Each Other

In August of 2022, my daughter's boyfriend and his father found an abandoned kitten at a construction site. After a thorough search of the area and no additional mama cat or kittens to be found, they took the baby home and continued monitoring the building site. With days passing and no mom cat located, they asked me if we would be interested in caring for the baby - who was far too young to be away from its mama.

I agreed, after contacting my local Humane Society and picking up some bottle feeding supplies. They said they would take the kitten after she was 6 weeks old and weaned, and ready to go to a new home. One concern we had was our dog, who had never been exposed to a kitten. Sure, we had an adult cat in the home and they mostly ignored each other, but we worried if our somewhat excitable Pomeranian would chase the kitten or worse, try and attack her. As it turns out, we shouldn't have worried at all.

It was basically love at first sight, to an almost ridiculous degree. He followed her everywhere. He slept right next to her. He became anxious and upset if one of us picked her up. He was right by her side during the numerous middle-of-the-night feedings my daughter administered, and if we dared to separate them through a door, he would bark until he was allowed in.

This was his kitten. There was no way we were going to surrender her to find a new home. We called the shelter, and they were thrilled.

That's his kitten.
That's his kitten.

She's a few years older now, and their bond is just as strong as ever. They tear around the house chasing each other, nap together, groom each other, and clean each other. They play with toys together and wait patiently for treats together. This is his cat now, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Now, if only he could pay her vet bills.

They love each other too much. <p>EveVawter</p>
They love each other too much.


How to Introduce Your Dog to a Kitten

Before you even think about introducing your new fur baby to your old fur baby, make sure they have separate living spaces. Each pet should have their own "territory," so to speak, with their own bedding, food bowls, water bowls, and litter for the kitten, so they can feel like they have a safe place.

Before you introduce them in person, you can prepare them by scent swapping. Rub a clean towel or blanket on your kitten and put it in your dog's sleeping area, and vice versa. That way they can get used to each other's scent.

When you're ready for the first meeting, it helps if you have another human to hold your dog on his leash while you hold the kitten. If they seem calm and okay, let them smell each other. Give treats and lots of praise. If the dog barks or growls, separate the animals and try again later.

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Gradually increase the time of supervised interactions between the dog and kitten, always making sure the kitten is safe. Be patient, give them time to get to know each other, and who knows? They may end up being besties like mine are in no time.

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