Dog's Reaction to Cat Giving Him a Bath Is Priceless

He secretly loved it!

It's not every day that you get to see cats and dogs living together so peacefully. We'd say most of the time they just tolerate each other. But this recent clip from TikTok user @spooonsman shows the cat is a little more loving than usual. 

The cat and dog were sitting together on the couch. And according to the cat, this dog needed a bath. Badly. LOL! Although, the dog would beg to differ. Check it out! 

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O.M.G. The cat didn't care what the dog was thinking. She was going to get him clean one way or another! Honestly, that's pretty nice of her to even do that. Usually, cats are only looking out for themselves so this is so sweet! 

"Inside the cat's thinking, 'Oh be quiet, you need a bath,'" commented @lorig972. HA! She wasn't going to take no for an answer. @wolfdreamer4944 added, "Determined to finish giving the fuzzy a bath." Is this how parents feel trying to give their kids a bath? LOL! @melimel9st said, "Awwww this is too cute. The cat could care less about the growl, cleaning is getting done regardless." You can say that again! 

As much as it seems the dog doesn't like it, we have a feeling he's secretly enjoying it. LOL! Just as @shell26.65 wrote, "Pup loves it but has to save face." 

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