Could Costco Have Already Ditched Its New Food Court Cookie?

Costco Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Costco Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie - Costco/Instagram

Although it's not changing the prices of its hotdog combos anytime soon, Costco isn't above making changes to its food court selections. Take the chain's absolutely huge Double Chocolate Chunk cookie, a relatively new addition to the menu that hit Costco locations late last year. About the size of the grapefruit and priced at $2.49, the baked good seemed like a steal for chocolate chip lovers, but could it already be on its way out the door?

One Redditor raised the alarm for Costco shoppers, sharing an image from an alleged recent shopping trip. According to the netizen, Costco had ditched the chocolate chip cookies and brought churros back. The cookies had actually replaced churros on the menu when they debuted, so what gives? Many commenters seemed surprised by the sudden change, with one Redditor writing, "It better not be!! I haven't even had the cookies yet." Others theorized that it could be a sign that Costco was starting limited-time seasonal items much in the way that McDonald's promotes its McRib. One person wrote, "Doing so would ease customer disappointment when price increases inevitably come to the stickiest of items."

Costco hasn't announced any changes to its food courts or released any official information about the fate of the cookie. Though the author of the original post never revealed their Costco's location, a moderator claimed this was a temporary swap at a Costco in Norwalk, California. Elsewhere on social media, other Costcos appear to still have the cookies.

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The Cookie Appears To Still Be On The Food Court Menu

Costco chocolate chip cookie
Costco chocolate chip cookie - agntvex/X

After the Reddit post went viral, many Costco shoppers expressed confusion over the current state of the cookies. In another Reddit post, members of the bulk retailer reported that their locations still had the chocolate chip cookies on the menu. One shopper said they went on a trip through the Midwest in February and saw cookies at Costcos in Utah and Colorado. Likewise, several Costco shoppers mentioned enjoying the cookie on social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter. One person posted on February 21, "At Costco trying this cookie out. Let's see what this is about."

Some shoppers theorized that the location with the missing cookies could be having issues with its supply. The Costco food court's chocolate chip cookies are reportedly first baked in the bakery. The dessert is then transported to the food court where it is heated and served to customers.

Some shoppers surmised that locations in high altitudes have difficulties making the cookies, as the lower air pressure can affect bake times. However, another Redditor tossed cold water on this theory, claiming, "I went to a high-altitude Costco yesterday and they still had the cookies." A different commenter had a theory that the original post may have just been "a troll post." Until Costco announces a sweeping directive, it seems like those cookies may be staying put unless your local Costco is making regional changes.

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