Costco's New Food Court Cookie Is Absolutely Huge

A pile of chocolate chip cookies
A pile of chocolate chip cookies - Boblin/Getty Images

Many savvy shoppers know and love Costco's food court. From the signature hot dog combo (so integral to the brand that Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal once threatened the life of a CEO who asked about getting rid of it) to its exceedingly popular pizza (the bulk retailer is now one of the largest pizza chains in the United States), Costco's food court is practically an institution (even if the chicken bake isn't as good as it used to be). One of the latest additions is the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, and it's a lot to handle.

The massive baked good has recently been appearing on certain Costco food court menus in place of the company's churros -- and apparently, it is quite aptly named. According to one Redditor who documented their purchase, it's almost as big around as a grapefruit and roughly an inch thick. It isn't quite frisbee-sized, but shoppers reacting online seem to find it impressive nonetheless.

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Is Costco's Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Worth The Price?

Costco storefront
Costco storefront - Tada Images/Shutterstock

So, is this thing worth what it's going to cost you? $2.50 might seem like a lot for a single cookie -- even a hefty treat such as this one -- so what's the quality like? According to commenters on Reddit, the answer appears to be that it's pretty good, with several things going for it. It's served warm (a huge plus for many snackers), features two different kinds of chocolate, and is softer than the Costco bakery cookies, which were already considered a step up from most store-bought prepackaged cookies. But according to those who've tasted it, the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies aren't quite at the level of home-baked cookies. Still, one awestruck commenter wrote, "stick a candle on it and it becomes a birthday cake."

One aspect Costco appears to be heavily promoting, according to a Redditor who tasted one of the baked goods, is that these cookies are made with all butter. Its bakery cookies, by comparison, purportedly include canola or palm oil, which may help explain the food court cookie's warmer reception.

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