The Costco Food Court Is Welcoming A Brand-New Cookie To The Menu

Customers near Costco food court
Customers near Costco food court - Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

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Updates to Costco's iconic food court menu are bound to get fans of the warehouse retail chain excited, and a recent Reddit post seemingly indicates that something sweet is about to make its debut. According to the original poster, the Springfield, Virginia, Costco location features a double chocolate chunk cookie among standard menu items like hot dogs and pizza slices. The cookie currently appears to be out of stock, but shoppers may be able to snag one soon for $2.50. As with most new developments at the bulk retailer, members have mixed feelings.

One Redditor poked fun at Costco's food court additions and lamented the lack of a combo pizza, sarcastically stating, "Best I can do is a $10 roast beef sandwich and a $2.50 cookie." Other commenters wondered if anyone would be willing to pay that much for a single cookie when they could buy a 24-pack in the warehouse for a more reasonable price. The new cookie will be substantially sized based on initial reports, making its high price tag a little more acceptable. It may prove especially enticing to Costco members who don't necessarily want to bring home a whole box of cookies but wouldn't mind an occasional treat.

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What To Expect From Costco's Newest Food Court Option

Costco customers waiting at food court
Costco customers waiting at food court - ARTYOORAN/Shutterstock

Additional food court insights were shared on an Instagram page dedicated to dishing inside scoops about Costco. The double chocolate chunk cookie is expected to be available at locations around the country starting next month. The cookie will be prepared by Costco's on-site bakery and served warm and melty. Each one supposedly contains 850 calories, which indicates that they will be pretty sizeable (considering a single chocolate chip cookie contains about 221 calories). The Instagram post also claims that the new cookie might take the place of the churros.

Despite the sweet news, Costco members on Reddit aren't very enthusiastic about the latest addition. The price of the cookie is a major issue, although one commenter surmised that the increased price may have to do with the extra effort needed for the cookies. According to the person, the cookies will be baked and transferred to the food court, where they will be heated in the oven and placed in a protective bag within a display case. Additionally, "Any [cookies] that are not sold within their hot held shelf lifetime must be donated. All utensils and trays must be washed."

Costco has not officially verified any of this information, so what's being posted on Reddit and other social media sites could be off the mark. However, the presence of new signage in at least one location could indicate that the chain is revamping its food court selection.

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