Will Costco Be Open on Labor Day 2023? Here's What You Need to Know About The Store's Holiday Hours.

As product prices continue their seemingly never-ending ascent, more and more consumers are opting to buy in bulk. Thankfully, we live in a universe where stores like Costco exists, and until the aliens reveal themselves, that’s something they can’t take away from us. And with the holidays approaching and Labor Day up first on the roster, retailers are gearing up for what’s sure to be a busy shopping season. So, if you’ve got a membership and need to stock up ahead of this summer’s last cookout, you might be asking yourself: Is Costco open on Labor Day?

Known for its legendary free samples, restaurant-worthy freezer finds and — most recently — the wildly popular transformer table (if you can find one), it's no wonder you'll want to head there first to grab everything you need. From plates and cups to decorations and ingredients for every item on your menu, Costco literally has it all.

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Unfortunately, for your a last-minute shoppers looking to stop by the warehouse giant this year, you’ll have to check out another because all Costco stores will be closed on Labor Day (Monday, September 4). Falling in line with past years, Costco gives their workers the day off to enjoy the holiday at home with their families and friends. Luckily though, the store will be operating at normal hours of business the day before (Sunday, September 3).

On a more positive note, you’ll have plenty of other grocery options, from Walmart to Kroger, to choose from on the off-chance that you forgot the mustard or need to pick up an extra pack of hotdogs. If you need your Costco fix before the big day and seafood is on the menu though, make sure to double-check your fish before you buy and look out for any worms that may be lurking in the packaging. Stay safe and happy grilling!

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