Is Walmart Open on Labor Day 2023?

If there’s one thing Walmart is good for, it’s staying stocked with everything you need. Whether they're famous pumpkin cake rollchocolate ice cream-filled cupcakes or the wildly low prices, Walmart has truly got their customers covered. Inventory aside though, one of the main things the retailer is famous for is being open nearly every day of the year — including most major holidays.

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Known for saving many of us from our holiday barbecue ending in disaster on more than one occasion, the retail giant's choice to stay open proves to be beneficial for more reasons than one. Ran out of charcoal for the grill? Run on out to Walmart. Need more soda for the cooler? You can bet you can get that from Walmart, too. So if If you’re in charge of planning this year's cookout, you may be asking yourself: Is Walmart open on Labor Day 2023?

Whether you’re hosting or plan on just showing up as the "I’ll bring plates" friend, odds are you’ll be stopping by Walmart to pick up a few essentials to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. And while you still have a bit of time before the actual holiday, if you do end up needing to make a last-minute burger run, Walmart will be open on Labor Day this year. Though the retailer is traditional open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the day (with this year being no different), it's important to make sure you check with your local Walmart to ensure this hours are accurate as this could vary from location to location.

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Now, there’s no excuse not to try that 47-Second Hot Dog Trick or see if you go-to location has finally implemented the new free sample stations. Still undecided on what to serve this year? You can always revisit this list of 100 Memorial Day BBQ recipes to get some inspiration for some great summer-friendly meals to ring out the season with.

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