Cat Gets Startled Hearing His Own Name and It’s Hilarious

Unsplash/ Tran Mau Tri Tam

The beauty of owning pets is that every pet has their own personality and quirks, which can often be amusing and entertaining, especially when they're babies!

TikToker @mooorissa agrees as she shares an adorable video of her Bengal kitten Kenny, which she posted on October 18, and it's too cute to miss!

Kittens are often playful, curious, and sometimes easily startled due to their heightened senses and rapid reactions to new experiences.

He's like, "Who? What? Me?"

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His excitement got the best of him, clearly!

First, he arches his back, jumps around, and then accidentally falls off the bed.

This is too funny!

Don't worry, no kitten was hurt in the making of this video. Cats are pretty resilient; also, let me remind you of the nine lives they have.

If you own a Bengal cat, you'll know they are highly energetic and intelligent.

Bengals are known for being curious, playful, and quite vocal. They also love to explore their surroundings and are often seen climbing, jumping, and investigating anything that catches their interest.

This sure applies to Kenny!

Due to their high energy levels, Bengal kittens require plenty of physical and mental stimulation, as they benefit from interactive play sessions, puzzle toys, and even the opportunity to explore outdoor enclosures safely to expend their energy.

Kenny will surely explore every inch of that bed, perhaps the floor, and every nook and cranny, as a curious kitty should.

And since he has claws, he can hold on to anything in case he gets startled again by hearing his name.

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