Cake of the Day: Hazelnut Blackberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream

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Photo: Gabriel Cabrera

Today’s cake comes from The Artful Desperado and is a berry delicious cake filled with mascarpone cream and roasted hazelnuts. Gabriel Cabrera left us drooling with his last brown butter pear cake and his blackberry cake is no exception.

“SO TASTY! I used all the blackberries I picked with friends over the weekend and made the cake in a jiffy,” he writes.

The delicious cake above starts with Cabrera roasting hazelnuts and pulverizing them until they’re a fine meal. “Don’t make them butter tho!” he writes, warning against over-pounding them. Then he adds the hazelnut meal into the cake batter along with eggs, vanilla, and lemon zest. The mixture is poured into two 8-inch pans and bakes for 25-35 minutes. As it cools he whisks together mascarpone cheese with cream and sugar until it forms stiff peaks. For the assembly he sandwiches the mascarpone cream between the two layers of cake with smashed blackberries inside. Lastly he covers the top in a dome of cream and arranges more berries with fresh chamomile. 

“I had originally called it sloppy cake, then my friends were like, ‘Gurl no, say rustic, never sloppy’.” 

Get the rustic recipe: Hazelnut Blackberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream


Photo: Gabriel Cabrera

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