My 9 Favorite Costco Freezer Finds—They're All Under $10

I'm a mom of three and my entire family loves these products.

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Simply Recipes / Getty Images

An unfortunate thing about being friends with me is how much I talk about Costco. Oh you like my new leggings? Costco. Are you enjoying that aged cheddar cheese? Costco. Where did I get the flowers for my front steps? You guessed it, Costco.

When I’m not talking about my love for all things bought in bulk, I am probably telling you how much I love the chest freezer I bought for my basement. Obviously, I am incredibly cool and interesting.

All jokes aside, the Costco freezer section is where it’s at. While I do love buying in bulk, sometimes I have a hard time working my way through fresh produce or dairy products from Costco before they expire. Freezer goods, on the other hand, are a bit like a security blanket. Knowing my freezer is stocked with items I can use to pull a meal together quickly brings some much needed calm to the general chaos as a mom of three.

Here are my top nine Costco freezer finds under $10.

1. Kirkland Signature Organic Broccoli Florets

My kids won’t eat much in the way of vegetables, but luckily they will eat broccoli. I like to keep this bag of frozen broccoli on hand so I always have something green to serve for dinner. I also use it to make quick stir-fries too. It comes with four individually wrapped one-pound packs, which makes it convenient for meal prep.

2. Kirkland Signature Organic Green Peas

Stocking up on these peas is like always having a taste of spring in your freezer. I toss these into stews, curries, and pasta all the time, but my favorite way to use them is a bright green creamy pea soup.

3. Kirkland Signature Organic Blueberries

These are an essential in my household; I use them daily for my mid-day smoothie. Out of season fresh blueberries can be hit or miss, but these frozen berries are consistently perfectly sweet.

4. Deebee’s Organics Superfruit Organic Freezie Pops

Technically these don’t start frozen, which is perfect when you have limited freezer space but you want to take advantage of Costco prices. During my last pregnancy, these pops were the only thing I could keep down for a few particularly rough days of morning sickness. They are not overly sweet and are full of 100% fruit juice and purée.

5. CJ Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons

I love these for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. They are delicious when pan-fried, but I also enjoy them in wonton soup when I have a bit more time to make a meal.

6. Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles French Fries

My family has tried almost every frozen French fry out there, and these are by far the best. We usually pop them in the air fryer where they cook in about 15 minutes.

7. Columbus Seasoned Turkey Burgers

My oldest son LOVES these burgers. We like to cook them on the grill and top them with a slice of aged cheddar cheese. He recently told me they were better than the ones I make, which frankly, might be true. Kids have a wonderful way of keeping you humble.

8. Kirkland Chocolate Almond Dipped Vanilla Ice Cream Bars

As we head into ice cream season, these have a funny way of finding their way into our oversized Costco cart. As much as I pretend to protest, I enjoy my fair share once the kids are in bed.

9. Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices

Both of my boys love Reese’s cups and when these popped up recently in the freezer case I knew I needed to give them a try. They make for the perfect quick and easy after-dinner treat.

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