21 Classic Indian Recipes You Probably Didn't Know You Can Cook in the Air Fryer

Cauliflower Manchurian

Indian recipes are beloved for their vibrant flavors and the nuances they offer in crunchy, creamy textures. Just think about your favorite Indian dishes: fried samosas, fried Jalebis, paneer cheese sautéed in Manchurian sauce, chicken tikka masala kissed with ghee and heavy cream.

Recognized for its ability to create crispy textures without the need for too much oil, the air-fryer lends itself perfectly to the vibrant and aromatic dishes that define Indian cooking. So if you're looking to enjoy more Indian delicacies this year, this collection of the 21 best air fryer Indian recipes can serve as the perfect gateway.

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Bust out that air fryer and get ready to cook up a diverse range of easy-to-make meals. You wouldn't believe how many Indian recipes can be made quicker (and with a little less oil) in the air fryer. From bread rolls and Shahi Tukda (Indian bread pudding), to Kukuri Bhindi (crispy fried okra) and Paneer Popcorn—all of your favorites are here, just in air fryer form. Now's your queue to cancel the take-out order.

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Easy Air Fryer Indian Recipes

<p>A Mom's Cookbook</p><p>This Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian in a tangy and sweet soy sauce brings out the umami flavors, making it a perfect snack or a side.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://amomscookbook.com/2020/05/01/air-fryer-gobi-manchurian/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Gobi Manchurian;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Gobi Manchurian</a></strong></p>
<p>Binny's Easy Recipes</p><p>Juicy, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth kebabs made within minutes in an air fryer.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://binnyseasyrecipes.com/air-fryer-recipes/air-fryer-seekh-kabab/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Seekh Kabab;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Seekh Kabab</a></strong></p><p><strong>Related: <a href="https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/55-air-fryer-fish-recipes-140215764.html" data-ylk="slk:Best Air Fryer Fish Recipes;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas;outcm:mb_qualified_link;_E:mb_qualified_link;ct:story;" class="link  yahoo-link">Best Air Fryer Fish Recipes</a></strong></p>
<p>Piping Pot Curry</p><p>Kukuri Bhindi is sliced okra coated in spices and fried until crunchy. This crispy fried okra is so good, you won't be able to resist it!</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://pipingpotcurry.com/kurkuri-bhindi-crispy-okra/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Kurkuri Bhindi;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Kurkuri Bhindi</a></strong></p><p><strong>Related: <a href="https://parade.com/1253770/felicialim/air-fryer-pumpkin-recipes/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Best Air Fryer Pumpkin Recipes;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Best Air Fryer Pumpkin Recipes</a></strong></p>
<p>Chaitras Creations</p><p>Crispy, air-fried paneer tossed in a spicy, Indo-Chinese sauce!</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://chaitrascreations.com/paneer-manchurian-air-fried/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Paneer Manchurian;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Paneer Manchurian</a></strong></p>
<p>Cookpad</p><p>Crispy air-fried jalebi made with soy flour and puffed rice.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/5461232-air-fried-jalebi-from-soya-flour-puffed-rice" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Air-Fried Jalebi;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Air-Fried Jalebi</a></strong></p>
<p>Masala Chilli</p><p>Deliciously crunchy and addictive Sabudana Vada or Sago Fritters made with tapioca pearls.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://masalachilli.com/sabudana-vada-air-fryer-recipe/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Sabudana Vada;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Sabudana Vada</a></strong></p>
<p>Ministry of Curry</p><p>Masala Fries always hit the spot. Quick, crispy and piping hot, this classic food cart fare gets a modern makeover in the air fryer.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://ministryofcurry.com/masala-fries-air-fryer/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Masala Fries;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Masala Fries</a></strong></p>
<p>My Ginger Garlic Kitchen</p><p>They make a crunchy and crispy tea-time Indian snack when paired with hot masala chai or coffee.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/cheese-garlic-masala-mathri/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Cheese Garlic Masala Mathri;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Cheese Garlic Masala Mathri</a></strong></p>
<p>My Ginger Garlic Kitchen</p><p>These crunchy and spicy coated peanuts are one of the most popular Indian snacks made using spicy gram flour coating and raw peanuts. </p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/masala-peanuts/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Masala Peanuts;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Masala Peanuts</a></strong></p>
<p>My Tasty Curry</p><p>A delicious Indian bread pudding in which fried bread is soaked thick saffron flavoured reduced milk and topped with lots of nuts.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://mytastycurry.com/double-ka-meetha-hyderabadi-recipe" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Shahi Tukda;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Shahi Tukda</a></strong></p>
<p>Piping Pot Curry</p><p>Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza is made with marinated paneer, red peppers, onions and grape tomatoes in an air fryer.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://pipingpotcurry.com/tandoori-paneer-naan-pizza-air-fryer-oven/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza</a></strong></p><p><strong>Related: <a href="https://parade.com/843981/manuzangara/17-indian-street-food-recipes/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:17 Indian Street Food Recipes;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">17 Indian Street Food Recipes</a></strong></p>
<p>Simply Vegetarian</p><p>A common snack-time recipe, this deep-fried treat gets a healthy makeover with the air fryer.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://simplyvegetarian777.com/air-fryer-bread-rolls-easy-recipe/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Indian-Style Bread Rolls;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Indian-Style Bread Rolls</a></strong></p>
<p>Something is Cooking</p><p>Aloo Tikki is a popular Indian street food made with boiled potatoes, aromatic spices and herbs. These fried potato croquettes/patties or cutlets are usually deep fried or shallow fried in lots of oil, making it crispy and crunchy but the air fryer lightens them up.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://somethingiscooking.com/2021/04/01/aloo-tikki-recipe/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Aloo Tikki;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Aloo Tikki</a></strong></p>
<p>Subbu Cooks</p><p>Gram (or besan/chickpea) flour battered onion fritters made healthy!</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://subbucooks.com/2018/11/27/air-fryer-pakora-onion-pakoda-no-fry-healthy-pakore/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Air-Fryer Onion Pakoda;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Air-Fryer Onion Pakoda</a></strong></p>
<p>The Belly Rules The Mind</p><p>The ever-so-popular samosa—minus all the fat.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://thebellyrulesthemind.net/samosa-recipe/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Air Fryer Punjabi Samosa;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Air Fryer Punjabi Samosa</a></strong></p>

The Belly Rules The Mind

The ever-so-popular samosa—minus all the fat.

Get the recipe here: Air Fryer Punjabi Samosa

<p>Rachna Cooks</p><p>Tandoori chicken is a universally loved grilled chicken dish from Indian cuisine. Making it in air fryer cooks it faster yet keeping it moist inside and browned outside.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://rachnacooks.com/airfryer-tandoori-chicken-recipe-step-by-step-recipe/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Tandoori Chicken;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Tandoori Chicken</a></strong></p>
<p>The Chutney Life</p><p>Fresh, juicy, crunchy cubes of Paneer marinated in delicious Indian-inspired spices and air fried.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://thechutneylife.com/recipes/air-fryer-paneer-tikka/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Paneer Tikka;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Paneer Tikka</a></strong></p>
<p>Spice Cravings</p><p>Baby potatoes coated with a potpourri of Indian spices, and cooked till they are golden crisp, these Spicy Bombay Potatoes make for a finger-licking good appetizer, and are a perfect sidekick to any curry or roasted entree.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://spicecravings.com/bombay-potatoes" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Spicy Bombay Potatoes;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Spicy Bombay Potatoes</a></strong></p><p><strong>Related: <a href="https://parade.com/1207085/kavitharamaswamy/south-indian-food-recipes/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:25 Vegetarian South Indian Dishes You Need to Try Once;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">25 Vegetarian South Indian Dishes You Need to Try Once</a></strong></p>
<p>Enhance Your Palate</p><p>Crispy, crunchy and flavorsome Baked Namak Para recipe that is much healthier alternative compare to traditionally deep-fried version of this Indian snack.</p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://www.enhanceyourpalate.com/baked-namak-para/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Namak Para;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Namak Para</a></strong></p>
<p>Indian Veggie Delight</p><p>Paneer Popcorn, also known as paneer nuggets is a quick, easy, healthy air fryer snack recipe made with fresh paneer (Indian cottage cheese), mixed with spices and herbs, and tossed with breadcrumbs to give that extra punch to taste. </p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://www.indianveggiedelight.com/paneer-popcorn-recipe-air-fryer/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Paneer Popcorn;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Paneer Popcorn</a></strong></p>
<p>These Spicy Roasted Cashew Nuts aka Masala Kaju are a quick and straightforward snack to throw together. Raw cashews are mixed with some powdered spices such as black pepper and chili and roasted to crunchy perfection. </p><p><strong>Get the recipe here: <a href="https://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/masala-kaju/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Masala Cashews;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Masala Cashews</a></strong></p>

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