The Trader Joe’s Freezer Fave That’s Back After More Than a Decade

When shopping at Trader Joe’s, it's likely that you’ll leave the store with at least a few items that weren't on your list. The popular neighborhood grocer is great at tempting shoppers with fun snacks and new freezer case items, some of which have become instant fan-favorites. And when something new gains a lot of positive attention online (looking at you, kimbap!), you can expect your local TJ’s to be almost out, if not immediately sold out, of the new popular item moments after its release.

The latest Trader Joe’s exclusive item to make its rounds on social media is a Baingan Bharta Roasted Eggplant Curry, a fan-favorite Indian dish that Trader Joe's has brought back after almost a decade. Hailing from the Punjab region of India, Baingan Bharta is a mashed eggplant curry dish with onions, tomatoes and smoky spices. Shoppers are loving the mildly spiced dish, which is perfect for pairing with rice or a piece of naan. Pro tip: You can buy the rice and naan at TJ's for a one-stop shopping experience.

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Another part of the frozen meal to turn heads is its vibrant packaging. “It looks like an album cover called Bangin’ Bharta and I’d absolutely give it a listen,” commented one intrigued shopper in Trader Joe’s New's Instagram post. Another TJ's enthusiast chimed in, describing the new TJ’s offering as a “nice, easy, on-the-go meal.”

As is the case for most items available at Trader Joe’s, the Baingan Bharta Roasted Eggplant Curry is super affordable. You can give it a try for just $3.49. At that price, you could grab a couple at a time along with a small bag of rice and be set with an easy week’s worth of lunches.

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