Vanessa Hudgens Is the ‘Mom’ of Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens attends the launch of
Vanessa Hudgens attends the launch of Bubble Witch 3 Saga in New York City. (Photo: Noam Galai/WireImage)

Vanessa Hudgens (aka the unofficial Queen of Coachella) can do her own makeup, thank you very much. Though she’s a Hollywood star, the 28-year-old triple threat doesn’t travel with a glam squad and likes to keep her beauty routine simple. Yes, when she has big events, she enlists a team, but for the day-to-day stuff, she’s got it all under control. “I normally just throw on concealer under my eyes and on a few spots on my chin and nose,” she told Yahoo Celebrity. “I use a bronzer from Bare Minerals and kind of buff it out.” There is one beauty trick that’s an absolute must, however.

“I’m big on brushing out your eyebrows,” revealed Hudgens, who recently partnered with EcoTools to launch the #MyTrueBeauty campaign. Although she gets her brows professionally shaped only once a year, she grooms them on the regular. “EcoTools has a brow brush that I love. I think it’s so important because they really frame your face. You brush your hair, so it makes sense that you should brush your eyebrows!” Her eyebrows are pretty on-point.


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On the other side of things, the trend that Hudgens can’t stand is extreme contouring. “I think the way God made you is just what makes you beautiful and unique, and you need to embrace that and not try to put on someone else’s face,” she explained. That said, while plastic surgery isn’t for her (at least not anytime soon), she thinks everyone “should follow their own bliss.”

Speaking of following one’s bliss, Hudgens just spent a weekend at Coachella, where she continued to impress with her flawless festival style. (She’s been a mainstay there for ages.) More impressive still is the fact that she doesn’t plan her outfits in advance. “I kind of go with a rough idea, just so I’m not scrambling and so that I have everything that I need, but it’s mainly whatever I feel like for that day — plus a lot of glitter!” she laughed. “I bring a ton of rhinestones to glue onto my face and just all that fun stuff.” Also, a giant Chanel backpack never hurt anyone.

Day2 #Coachella

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Last weekend, however, she had a packing fail when she realized she didn’t bring any hair accessories. “I brought all my hair products and everything, but I wished that I had brought some leather to wrap around my pigtails and a couple of little daisy clips that I could have clipped in there as well,” she lamented.

She also went with “almost an entirely new group” of people this year. To be clear, though, it was all people she knew well — just not people she’d attended Coachella with before. “I try to only go with people I’m already really close with because it can be stressful keeping everyone together and making sure you’re all enjoying the same music,” she explained. “So I’m like, ‘Unless we’re already close, we’re not going to Coachella together.'” (ICYMI: She took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her Coachella “family,” and they definitely look like a fun crew.)

Familyyy #coachella

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Part of the stress no doubt comes from the fact that Hudgens has designated herself as the main organizer and schedule-keeper for the event. “I’m like the mom,” she said with a laugh. “I make sure everyone’s fine. I say, ‘This is what we’re doing.’ I’m pretty go-with-the-flow, but I think that for the most part I know who’s going to be the best people to see, and for the most part my friends listen.”

Hudgens admits that for some people, Coachella has become all about the scene, but that’s not the case for her. “I think that in any situation, you create your own experience. It’s whatever you focus your energy and attention to, so if you’re focusing on the scene of it, of course that’s all you’re going to see,” she reasoned. “For me, I love music festivals because of the music; I’m such a musically driven person. I always have been and always will be, so any opportunity I have to get all of my friends together to enjoy some incredible artists where we’re all barefoot on the grass — there’s nothing better.”

Peace out, Coachella. It's been real ✌???? ???? ✌???? ????

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The highlight this time around was Radiohead. “Their sound actually cut out a few times, and a lot of people left and a couple of my friends were like, ‘We should go’ and I was like, ‘Hell, no! We are staying this out!'” she recalled. “I’m so glad we did, because by the end of it, almost everyone had left and me and my sister were arm-in-arm, mooning over Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke. They played ‘Creep,’ which they never ever play. They finished the song and Thom kept strumming the chords, and before I knew it the entire audience was singing ‘Creep,’ and it was just one of those magical Coachella experiences.”

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