‘Toy Story’ Fans Re-create Andy’s Room

Toy Story 3 was first released seven years ago, but if you ask brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew, it’s still the best movie ever.

Morgan, 21, and Mason, 18, from Ankeny, Iowa, fell in love with the first Toy Story movie as little kids. They say they watched their favorite movie so much that they wore out the VHS tape, and they had all the toys from the movie.

And while a lot of little kids obsess over their favorite movie, Morgan and Mason have kept their obsession going. When it comes to playing Toy Story, the McGrew brothers have taken their fandom to another level.

Inspired by Toy Story 3, the brothers have turned younger brother Mason’s room into an exact re-creation of Andy’s room, using screenshots from the movie to get things exactly right.

They re-created the blue color and the star stencils on the walls, built and repainted furniture, and even crumpled up pieces of paper so they were in the exact right places on the floor. Mason says he lives in the room, but the mess is Andy’s mess, not his. If he moves things around or puts his own stuff in the wrong place, he knows exactly how to reset the scene.

The posters and stickers on the wall are exact re-creations that Mason made on his iPad, and the white board has the exact same writing on it that Andy’s has in the movie.

The brothers even added a second “window” by taking a picture of the outside and placing it in a picture frame on the wall.

In 2011, the brothers embarked on a new project, beginning a shot-for-shot live-action re-creation of Toy Story 3. Relying on screenshots and expanded sets, they are painstakingly re-creating the movie down to the details, using a combination of stop-motion puppetry and live action with actors.

They’re aiming to be done with the project by mid-2019, when Toy Story 4 is scheduled to come out. You can check out their progress so far on their YouTube channel and on Morgan’s Instagram account.

The brothers say they like Toy Story 3 in part because it’s relevant to their lives, with main character Andy heading off to college. And while the movie may be about growing up, the brothers say that they’ll never be too old for Toy Story — or for toys.

“Oh, I don’t think you ever grow up too much to play with toys,” says Morgan. “I mean, they’re always there to give you that sense of imagination, and I think you should keep that alive.”

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