Soleil Moon Frye Says Her Kids Are Obsessed with ‘Punky Brewster’

Former Punky Brewster star and mom of four Soleil Moon Frye says she didn’t try to get her kids hooked on the show, but that didn’t stop them from becoming obsessed anyway.

Their friends at school introduced them to the show, Frye says, and then they binged on old episodes. From there, it was all over.

“Of course, my daughter Jagger wants to be Punky,” she says. “She’ll come downstairs and say, ‘Mommy, look at me!’ and she has two different-colored shoes on and everything. It’s very cute.”

Frye says her son has recently started calling her Punky in public, and her kids even sing the theme song when they go out.

“Now people are really gonna think that I’m asking my children to sing the Punky Brewster theme song and call me Punky,” she says, “and it’s really embarrassing.”

Good thing it’s also pretty adorable.

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