The Official Trailer for 'Deadpool and Wolverine' Has Finally Arrived

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The long-awaited official trailer for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Wolverine has finally arrived. After several teasers, Marvel has released the newest official look at Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in this summer's MCU action adventure.

The trailer gives a glimpse at how the relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine unfold, spotlighting a much larger story and multiverse mission at stake. Following several theories as to how Wolverine's storyline plays into Deadpool's, the trailer finally confirms that in this version, Wolverine seems to have failed his X-Men universe. Paradox can be heard telling Logan that he "let down his entire world." The trailer also shows Logan seemingly in remorse as he kneels before tombstones, likely his fallen X-Men allies. Both Logan and Deadpool engage in a fight, showing off their powers, all while giving a better look at their suits. It seems that Wade and Logan jump into a portal as the universe gets completely destroyed, filled with ominous dark clouds. The portal seems to be the same as the one Doctor Strange is able to cast, raising more connection theories.

On top of the trailer, Marvel has revealed two more film posters. Take a look at the posters below and the trailer above. Deadpool and Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26, 2024.