Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones had a delightfully wacky eclipse party

We are well aware that you’re “over” eclipse photos, but this amazingness — of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas watching it with their kids — is not to be missed.

The Welsh actress, 47, shared a video of her fam — also including son Dylan, 17, and daughter Carys, 14 — having a party by the pool in their lavish backyard. (There are lions, folks!) And we can’t decide what the best part of it is: Catherine dancing around to her relative Bonnie Tyler’s resurrected hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”? (More on their connection in a minute.) Michael, 72, in those goggles? Carys turning a colander into headwear? Them all lip-syncing to Tyler’s song? So. Many. Options.

“Craziness happens during eclipses,” Zeta-jones, looking all stylish ahead of the launch of her home line Casa Zeta-Jones, wrote on Instagram along with the video. “For those who don’t know. The fantastic Bonnie Tyler is related to us Jones’. So she, and this song both hold a special place in our eclipsed hearts! [love] you Bonnie. #eclipse2017.”

Let’s take a look at some of the best moments…

Michael being all of us prior to the eclipse: If I get up and schlep outside for this, it better we worth it.

Catherine, with her homemade pinhole projector in hand, and Carys bringing it in during their lip-sync.

Michael’s goggles being, well, everything.

Carys, who is destined to be a performer like her glam rocker bro, werking that colander.

Lastly, just knowing that Michael was recording the hijinks with his own cam as well makes us smile.

As for Zeta-Jones’s connection to Tyler, it’s apparently via marriage. Tyler’s husband Robert Sullivan, a property developer and 1972 Olympic judo contestant, is related to the Jones fam. Tyler and Sullivan were guests at Catherine and Michael’s famously lavish 2001 wedding at New York’s famed Plaza Hotel. The couples have also spent the holidays together.

(ICYMI, Bonnie Tyler had a moment yesterday, performing her classic hit with Joe Jonas’s DNCE.)

Speaking of holidays, the Douglas clan seems to have so much fun together (aren’t teenagers supposed to be sparring with their parents, not looking so adorably chummy?), that we wish we could score our own invite to their place for Thanksgiving or Chrismukkah. We’d even settle for a pool party… or just to come over and dust their lions.

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