'Kong: Skull Island' Scene: John Goodman Gives Samuel L. Jackson the Monstrous Lowdown (Exclusive)

Nick Schager

There may be no bigger film headed our way — at least in terms of the sheer size of its main character — than Kong: Skull Island, opening March 10. The brand-new take on the famed movie ape will see Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and more heading to the creature’s homeland and finding a world of gargantuan trouble. Ahead of its theatrical debut, we have an exclusive clip from the film, in which two of its marquee stars have a heart-to-heart about the true nature of their supernatural circumstances.

In the above scene, Samuel L. Jackson’s military man demands some answers — at gunpoint — from John Goodman’s researcher about the unbelievable adversaries they’ve faced on Skull Island. Goodman’s character is neither fazed by Jackson’s request, nor by their encounter with the region’s beasts, because he works for a government agency that studies the planet’s ancient Goliaths. And as he makes clear, their mission is ultimately one about recovering proof of Kong and his ilk’s existence, so they can bring it back to America and “send the cavalry.”

Goodman himself told us last year that he had “a lot of fun” on the set of Kong: Skull Island, and from the looks of its initial promos, it should certainly deliver some large-scale popcorn-grade chaos when it stomps into theaters next month.

Watch a trailer:

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