Kellyanne Conway’s Celebrity Twin Is Patrick Stewart ... in Drag

Twinsies? Kellyanne Conway and Patrick Stewart. (Photo: AP/Twitter)
Twinsies? Kellyanne Conway and Patrick Stewart. (Photo: AP/Twitter)

The Internet has spoken, and Kellyanne Conway’s celebrity doppelganger is Patrick Stewart dressed as a woman.

It’s been almost a year since our favorite medicinal marijuana user Sir Patrick, 76, slipped into a shiny pink satin wrap dress, had his face painted pretty (with a beauty mark!), and glued on some spidery eyelashes to promote his Starz show Blunt Talk. But people have just realized how much the star — in drag — looks like Donald Trump’s senior adviser Conway, 50, and they have been going crazy.

Here’s Patrick getting glam in April 2016:

Comments about the Stewart-Conway connection ranged from the simple observation:

To jokes:

Some people made sure the folks at Saturday Night Live were aware of what’s going on (in case Kate McKinnon needed a night off):

Or whoever does that musical one day:

Of course, some of the comments were politically driven:

@nypost @PageSix Patrick Stewart is once, twice, three times the lady Kellyanne Conway could ever hope to be.

No surprise — not everyone finds the comparison funny. Many Conway supporters are insulted she’s being compared to a man dressed as a woman. (We’re sure they all also came to Michelle Obama’s defense when she was straight up compared to an ape.) Though some of them mistakenly thought the Star Trek alum, who has said he’s applying for U.S. citizenship to fight Trump, did this recently. He didn’t — and it had nothing to do with Conway at the time. (She started working with Trump last July.) In fact, when Stewart donned the wig, the Internet initially compared him to Helen Mirren.

Neither Conway nor Stewart has commented about the most recent comparison, but we can only hope the actor did one of his infamous “quadruple takes” the first time he saw their photos side by side.


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