Jonathan Van Ness opens up about why he is endorsing Elizabeth Warren for president

Jonathan Van Ness is no stranger to speaking out about his political views. But after opening up about being HIV-positive in his new book Over the Top, the Queer Eye star is ready to endorse a presidential candidate over her health care policies.

“I’m endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren for president,” he exclusively told Yahoo Lifestyle on the BUILD Series Stage on Wednesday. “The reason that I decided to endorse her, which I did on my podcast this morning but I wasn’t gonna do right now as we speak, but I was like f*** it, I’m crying I’m just gonna go there. I misplaced my medication last month.”

Jonathan Van Ness announced he's endorsing Elizabeth Warren for president. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jonathan Van Ness announced he's endorsing Elizabeth Warren for president. (Photo: Getty Images)

The 32-year-old LGBTQ advocate went on to explain the hours-long and $3,500 process that he went through to replace the necessary medication that he forgot to bring with him on a trip from New York to Pennsylvania. Ultimately, he reminded the audience that the way he was able to rectify the situation isn’t an option for most people.

“That’s the s*** that’s happening,” Van Ness, who frequently uses his social media to condemn the Trump administration said. “That’s why it’s such a big f***ing deal that Planned Parenthoods are being closed and that the GOP and this president have equated Planned Parenthood, who does so much to keep everyone healthy, with abortion.”

Moments after leaving the stage, Van Ness took to his Twitter to officially announce the endorsement.

Van Ness then posted a video of a phone conversation he had with Warren when she called to thank him for the endorsement. “When the future President calls you,” he wrote.

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