Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester explains why he offered to officiate gay weddings in his yard for free

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Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester is talking about gay marriage on Twitter. (Photo: Corey Ryan Forrester)
Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester is talking about gay marriage on Twitter. (Photo: Corey Ryan Forrester)

Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester has made a generous offer to the masses.

Forrester, who performs as part of the “WellRED Comedy Tour,” volunteered Tuesday to officiate gay marriages in his yard, at no cost, after he learned in a text from his sister that a nearby venue had banned them. He noted that he’s already been ordained online, because he was supposed to officiate a friend’s wedding that never happened.

Forrester, who lives in Chickamauga, Ga., but spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, often jokes about his roots, but in this case, he was serious.

When he first saw the message, Forrester was surprised to hear the place had ever allowed gay marriages to take place there at all — “No doubt they’re not doing that,” he thought — but then he grew angry. He began thinking that someone must have been turned away from the venue.

“There’s a good chance that whoever that is might know me, because they’re from our area and they’re an LGBTQ member and me and my comedy group are, you know, pretty popular amongst that group,” Forrester tells Yahoo Entertainment. “And I thought, ‘If they see this, then they’ll know that we ain’t all like that and yada yada yada.’”

So he posted, “Just found out a wedding venue near my hometown has announced they are not going to allow gay marriages. Just throwing it out there but if you live near me and are affected by this you can get Gay married in my yard free of charge and also I’m ordained so there.”

When someone accused him of trying to profit off of Pride Month, he went further and explained that he felt it was important for him to take a stand.

“I ended up coming to the conclusion of was there’s just going to be people that think that’s what I was doing,” Forrester says. “But I would rather say what I think is the right thing and have people assume that maybe I had, I don’t know, selfish motives than to not say anything and have people be like, ‘Man, it’s be really nice if Corey would say something. We know he’s a friend of the gay community, but he just kind of keeps to himself and tries to play it safe.’”

Overall, Forrester says, there was more reaction to his tweet than any other serious tweet he’s sent. It has also received the highest number of kind responses, with other people offering ideas for more inclusive wedding sites.

Some of the good vibes came from unexpected places.

“I also saw a lot of people from my high school that I had no idea — this is shame on me — I just assumed, since we’d never talked about it, that they were probably one of them, like, backwards church people that didn’t like gay people,” Forrester says. “But I saw a bunch of them comment like, you know, ‘Right on, dude. That’s awesome. Screw those people.’ And I was like, ‘Aw, man, this is really great!’”

The comedian declines, as he had in his tweet, to name the venue.

“I felt like if I would’ve named names then it would have turned into a sparring war instead of a, ‘Hey, this is cool. Let’s all be more like this,’” Forrester explains.

He tells us no one has taken him up on his offer just yet.

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