Carrie Fisher’s Dog, Gary, Finds Forever Home With Her Former Assistant

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Carrie Fisher and Gary at the screening of “Bright Lights” in October. (Photo: CJ Rivera/FilmMagic)
Carrie Fisher and Gary at the screening of “Bright Lights” in October. (Photo: CJ Rivera/FilmMagic)

Carrie Fisher’s beloved dog, Gary, has a surrogate mother. The actress’s beloved therapy pet, which is known for his oversized tongue, is living with her former personal assistant.

When Gary wasn’t seen over the weekend at Carrie and her mother Debbie Reynolds’s joint memorial service, some digging into the French bulldog’s whereabouts was done. According to TMZ — and corroborated by People magazine — the dog isn’t living with Carrie’s daughter, Billie Lourd, as some thought. The pooch almost immediately went home with Corby McCoin, who was Carrie’s personal assistant — and she’s now Gary’s owner.

Apparently Gary was happy and comfortable around Corby, because he was with her all the time before Carrie passed away in December. And, for the record, Corby isn’t “cashing in by taking Gary,” according to TMZ. “She just feels taking Gary is the right thing to do.”

That said, the dog is provided for financially by Carrie’s estate, according to her brother, Todd, who held the memorial over the weekend (which Billie also skipped). “None of these pets will ever go without what’s best for them,” he said, according to USA Today. “You know that these pets are going to be well looked after. They all have trust funds — let’s put it that way.”

Todd was also referring to Debbie’s dog, Dwight, and Carrie’s parrot, both of which were at the service on Saturday. While Gary wasn’t at Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills for the public memorial, he did attend the private one, held at Carrie’s estate in January, and greeted the A-list guests as they arrived.

Billie, who recently shared a video of Gary on his fifth birthday, said on the Today show in December that Gary was originally her dog — she also has a French bulldog, Tina — but her mom “actually stole him because she fell in love with him.”

Gary went everywhere with Carrie, including to many red carpet appearances, and he was on the plane with her when she went into cardiac arrest. Carrie said the dog helped her with her bipolar disorder. “Gary is mental also,” she told the Herald Tribune in 2015. “Gary is like my heart. Gary is very devoted to me, and that calms me down. He’s anxious when he’s away from me.”

Carrie documented her life with Gary on social media — and that will continue. The dog has an Instagram account (135,000 followers and counting), and while he’s not hitting red carpets any longer, you can enjoy glimpses of his simpler life — like afternoon naps on the couch.

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