Bella Thorne Live-Streamed Her First Bikini Wax

Bella Thorne is pretty open on social media about her life. This week, things got real personal when she shared her first bikini wax live on Snapchat.

She first alerted her fans with a tweet, saying, “If anyone wants to see me get waxed for the first time, go to my snapchat.”

It’s a known fact that waxing is pretty painful. Thanks to Thorne for documenting her experience and confirming it for everyone.

It started off with Thorne saying “Oh my god, this is going to hurt so bad.” The clip had a banner that read “first time getting waxed.” In between the pain and the screams, Thorne and her BFF Lo Jeanne giggle throughout the rest of the video.

The 19-year-old actress has made it public before that she doesn’t like shaving her armpits and leg hair. So props to her for giving this whole waxing thing a try.

The “high-end” Fyre Festival has officially been postponed:

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