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Volvo’s Concept XC Coupe seeks adventure in Detroit

January 8, 2014

When we showed you Volvo's Concept Coupe, the first in a series of three concept cars showcasing its future design possibilities, the comments were rather favorable: "Easily the best looking Volvo since the P1800," said one commenter. "finally!!!!!," said another.

Now we bring you Volvo's second variant, the Concept XC Coupe. Does it evoke the same reaction?

Stating the obvious, the Concept XC Coupe is a two door small SUV, and it's expected to preview the Swedish brand's next generation XC90 crossover. However, that car will have two more doors, and presumably won't feature specific storage for things like helmets and safety vests; Volvo claims design inspiration from POC, a company that develops protective gear for gravity sport athletes, hence the interior weirdness.

The similarities between Volvo's first and second concepts are evident, with the Clint-like headlights and angular, wrap-around taillights. And like the Concept Coupe, the XC Coupe looks rather tasty, boasting a wide, menacing stance. Volvo claims this latest concept will "bring you into the adventure zone." I think that's a Scandinavian version of Top Gun's danger zone. Not exactly sure.

Either way, I like the path Volvo is heading with its new designs. We'll know more details — like its powertrain — when the Concept XC Coupe bares itself in the flesh at Detroit next week. Until then, enjoy Volvo's video, illustrating how adventurous the Swedes can be.