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Jeep Grand Cherokee Half & Half hauls both its faces to SEMA


Jeep Grand Cherokee Half & Half hauls both its faces to SEMA

Among the 24 factory vehicles Chrysler will haul to SEMA this year, a Dodge Charger with the Viper's V-10 engine might be the most traditional expression of SEMA-ntics. Thankfully, Chrysler has also upped its game with what it calls the Jeep Grand Cherokee Half & Half, a vehicle that takes the concept of the two-faced Camaro to its logical conclusion by adding a giant zipper to the front bumper.

Built by Chrysler's Mopar parts arm, the Half & Half keeps the stock Grand Cherokee Laredo look on the passenger side, while blinging out the driver's side with every chrome bit available from the Mopar catalog -- and a roof rack sacrificed to the theme with a Sawzall. Chrysler didn't release an interior shot, but says the theme continues inside, with special leather seats, chrome pedals and door sills. Even the wheels are different, with the flashier side of Two-Face's off-roader getting 20-inch chrome rims rather than the 17-inch alloys.

The rest of the Chrysler booth runs from a Fiat 500 turned into a beach cruiser (custom surfboard included) to a Mopar-prepped SRT Viper, which mainly means more carbon-fiber bits and a quick-release camera mount for when those new Viper owners need to ditch the GoPro before the insurance adjusters arrive. Too bad there's not a beach in Las Vegas.