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Dubai police hit the streets in a Ferrari FF, with more room for bad guys


Dubai police hit the streets in a Ferrari FF, with more room for bad guysJust when we thought the Dubai police couldn't get any crazier, they just did. After revealing a 700-hp Lamborghini Aventador police car just last week, they have now announced a Ferrari FF will be joining the fleet as well. The FF holds many key advantages over the Lamborghini when it comes to 5-0 practicality — most noticeably the area in the back to store bad guys. While it may not be quite as fast as the Lambo, with four seats rather than two, it compliments what must be the most exotic police fleet of all-time.

News broke of the acquisition when the Dubai police chief stated that by adding a Ferrari to the streets, it will reflect the uniqueness the city currently exudes.The extortionately priced Lamborghini and Ferrari will not be chasing bad guys, however, rather utilized in high-end areas for road security. Does that simply mean they are there to look pretty? If I was a betting man, I'd say it does.

While the Dubai police evidently posses a distinct affection for a small Italian region north-west of Bologna, they have not neglected true American muscle, adding Detroit's own Chevy Camaro to the patrol as well. While these purchases stirred mixed reactions amongst the locals, it certainly embellishes the city's opulent image. But who cares about grand skyscrapers and white sand dunes? I'd travel to Dubai purely for the cop cars.