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Deer fails at hurdling race car on track

June 18, 2013

At this weekend 24 Hours of LeMons race at Summit Point, W.Va., the driver of an Alfa Romeo Milano had a rather intense shock as a massive deer decided to run in front of his car and attempt a Dick Fosbury impersonation. The attempt, however, didn’t go well, as the deer smashed into the windscreen before landing on the racetrack and running off into the woods, apparently unscathed.

In case you weren’t aware, deer are tough.

The driver who caught this incredible footage on film was racing the Sea Sprite — a Chevy S-10 chassis with a boat mounted on top (don’t you just love LeMons racing?). But, due to the car-boat not having a roof, just a split second could have changed the nature of this video entirely. Remember Christiano DaMatta hitting a deer in his open-wheel Champ Car at Elkhart Lake? That incident almost cost the racing star his life.

Thankfully, this incident turned out merry for all involved, including the hoppy deer. We can only hope that next time a deer decides to try leaping a car, it’s more adept at the Fosbury Flop.