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Chevrolet SS debuting at Daytona 500, and GM wants you to race for one: Motoramic Dash

June 13, 2012

This is the Motoramic Dash, a daily roundup of the most interesting news in the automotive world

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal ran a lengthy story about the struggle by General Motors' top execs to change the company's bureaucratic culture. Today, we get an example of how the new culture works -- and learn that the production version of the new Chevrolet SS sports sedan won't be revealed until the NASCAR version makes its debut at next year's Daytona 500.

All of this comes courtesy of GM's Holden unit in Australia, which will build the rear-wheel-drive SS as a version of its updated Holden Commodore sedan. According to Australia's Drive, Holden director Mike Devereux said Aussies would get their first look at the new Commodore just as Americans get their first peek at the SS, noting the tie-in with NASCAR was the essential reason GM took the risk of importing a model to the United States.

And Devereux also said Holden's output of Chevy SS-es would only run to the thousands: "Demand will be greater than supply and that's not a bad thing." Maybe GM has learned a few lessons.

Other news from around the industry this morning:

Saab sold to Chinese EV maker: The Saab saga continues, with new plans to build electric Saabs that will likely have no relation to anything built with a Saab logo before. (Bloomberg)

Kansas high schoolers win student mechanic challenge: (Detroit News)

BMW announces winners of "Desir3" video contest: BMW held a YouTube contest a few months ago offering a new 3-Series to the best mini-commercial lasting no longer than 5.9 seconds, the time it takes the 3-Series to go to 60 mph. The winner, one Earl Duque of Los Angeles, got his keys last week: