Your bullet-shaped mystery car of the ’40s: Flickr photo of the day

October 3, 2012

The dream of building a small car for the masses has enticed many an investor to ruin in the auto industry, and here's one of the rarer examples. Built by entrepreneur Gary Davis in 1948, the Davis Divan was a three-wheeled car with seating in a single bench for four. Originally planned to be built by the thousands, Davis could only assembled about 15 -- including a few open-bodied versions for the military -- before being accused of fraud and not paying employees. Davis spent time in prison after the failure, and later repaid society by helping to develop Dodge 'Em bumper cars. This photo by realmudmonster comes from the Motoramic group on Flickr; you can share your photo there or send us a message via TwitterFacebook, and Google+.