Julie Ricevuto

    Julie Ricevuto

  • Bella Thorne and Her Sister Matched Their Hair on the Red Carpet

    Actress Bella Thorne, right, and sister Dani Thorne rocked the same red-and-green ombré hair. The past few weeks have been full of hair transformations for Disney actress Bella Thorne, with the most recent one being a shocking dye job that included a bright shade of red with the bottom portion colored lime green (talk about a dramatic ombré!). But while the hair color, courtesy of Beverly Hills colorist Rona O’Connor, was certainly a bit out there — especially with a prestigious awards show coming up — it turns out that the star wasn’t the only one to try it out. Thorne’s sister, Dani Thorne, also got the watermelon-inspired ‘do and ended up twinning with her sister more than we’ve ever seen.

  • People Are Using Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee to Dye Their Hair

    There have been plenty of outlandish beauty tricks and tips to hit the Internet of late. Social media has shown people using mouthwash to eliminate dandruff, deodorant as a makeup primer, and now people are using Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to dye their hair. 

  • Jenna Dewan Tatum Looked Like Cleopatra at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards

    It’s not every day that Jenna Dewan Tatum wears her hair in something other than her signature beach-waved lob, so when she hits the red carpet, it’s always exciting to see how her glam team will do her look. However, while we always love her glamorous awards-show style, it was Tatum’s latest public appearance that was especially eye-catching. The reason? Well, her hair and makeup look wasn’t resembling something off the runways, but rather looked more like a well-known historical figure’s.

  • Bella Thorne Dyed Her Natural Hair a Bright, Crayola Red Shade

    If you’re a major beauty buff, you might want to start following Bella Thorne on social media. The actress is fond of experimenting with new beauty trends and frequently posts her latest looks or beauty treatments. She’s gotten body tattoos, a septum ring, and has even done microblading to her eyebrows, so it’s fair to say she’s pretty bold when it comes to changing up her look. However, this time Thorne has decided to set aside piercings and body ink to alter her appearance in a different way — with hair color.

  • Women’s Daily Beauty Routines Have 27 Steps on Average, Says Study

    In a world where posting multiple selfies to social media is considered the norm, it appears that people are becoming vainer than ever before — and a new study backs this sad truth up.

  • Everyone Has Something to Say About Amber Rose Letting Her Son Get His Nails Done

    Amber Rose shared a cute video of herself and her 3-year-old son getting their nails done at a salon and it was not received well by fans, who reacted harshly.

  • Artist Who Was Fat-Shamed Draws Gorgeous Curvy Disney Princesses

    As years went on, people began to point out flaws with Disney's princesses, claiming they weren’t diverse enough or sent a bad message to developing young girls.

  • Gabrielle Union’s High Ponytail and Berry Lip Combo Is Perfect

    Gabrielle Union has been popping up in the news quite a bit recently. First, the 43-year-old made waves among her fans after sharing a makeup-free picture with a blemish on her face (which at first gained her tons of unsolicited criticism) on her Instagram account. And now she’s stepped out for the premiere of her upcoming film, Almost Christmas, sporting possibly the chicest ponytail we’ve ever seen.

  • Taylor Swift Wore the Coolest Flash Tats at Drake’s Birthday Party

    Like most trends, Flash Tattoos came and went, leaving nothing but old Instagram pictures as evidence in their wake — until now, that is.

  • Lily Collins’s Latest Dark Lip and Messy Bun Are Beyond Cool

    At the Museum of the Moving Image Salute to Warren Beatty on Wednesday night, Lily Collins wore a dramatic, low-cut dress from Elie Saab, along with sky-high platform heels. While it was a fabulous frock, the neutral colors allowed the actress to play up her makeup and hair — and the 27-year-old did just that. Her lips were painted in a dark purple; her eyes were covered with simple, light eye shadow; her signature thick brows were neatly groomed; and her hair was raked back into a gorgeously messy bun.

  • This Is What Lupita Nyong’o Would Look Like With Straight Hair

    It’s not every day we see Lupita Nyong’o with long, straight hair. In fact, it’s pretty rare to see her sporting anything other than her short, cropped cut coupled with her usual headbands. However, while performing on the hit show Lip Sync Battle, Lupita wore a wig that made her borderline unrecognizable, shocking the audience and fans alike.

  • Jennifer Lawrence Just Got Superlong Hair Extensions

    Jennifer Lawrence has been sporting the same choppy lob for quite some time now. After her dramatic haircut back in 2013, Lawrence has kept her hair short and sophisticated, rarely looking back at her younger years of wearing longer locks. However, that all changed when, on Monday, Lawrence was spotted walking through LAX with her dog, Pippi, and some seriously long hair, making the actress look a lot like her much younger self (think pre-Hunger Games days).

  • The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Girls All Got Matching Tattoos (and Cartier Rings)

    Pretty Little Liars has been full of shocking twists and turns, making it one of the most popular shows to hit television in the past few years. With only one season left to air and filming officially done, the cast of PLL apparently felt that the best way to commemorate such a show would be to drop yet another surprising bomb on their eagerly watching fans. But rather than a surprising plot twist of backstabbing and secrets like the ones in the show, the cast members decided to tie themselves together with an act of friendship, and they all got a matching tattoo.