• U.S.

    After enduring ventilators, body aches, fever, coronavirus survivors say states shouldn't be reopening

    After enduring ventilators, body aches, and chills, coronavirus survivors say states reopening too soon could create a second wave of infections.

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  • Celebrity

    Pregnant Katherine Schwarzenegger Calls Out Brother Patrick for Not Responding to Her Text

    Katherine Schwarzenegger hilariously took matters into her own hands after her brother Patrick Schwarzenegger ignored her texts, calling him out on Instagram with a sassy comment.

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  • Business
    Yahoo News

    Trump, for some reason, compares coronavirus death toll (over 98,000) to that of swine flu (under 20,000)

    On a day when the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus pandemic neared 100,000, President Trump sought to direct the nation’s attention back to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic as a way to smear the reputation of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who was vice president at the time.

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  • Entertainment
    The Telegraph

    'I defy anybody to watch that carnage and not intervene': David Attenborough's cameraman tells all

    Gavin Thurston has had parasitic worms burrow under his skin while filming in Congo, been slapped by a silverback gorilla and spent the night sleeping next to a deadly puff adder in Sudan. But the most frightening moment, the Blue Planet cameraman tells me over the phone, took place when he was making a programme about rare black rhinos in Namibia, with presenter Saba Douglas-Hamilton. “I heard this low hoo-hoo sound and I said, knowledgably, to the sound recordist, ‘That’s amazing, there are ground hornbills here!’ You see them normally in pairs of four, they’re a sort of turkey-sized bird. We carried on, got the shot of the rhino… and Saba and the ranger beckoned to us, called us over quite urgently, so we rushed over the camera kit thinking they could maybe still see the rhino.” “And Saba said to us, ‘There are lions right here. And they’re hunting us now.’ I’m suddenly thinking, s---, how stupid am I? I thought that low sound was ground hornbills – and it wasn’t. It was the contact calls of lions.” “Sure enough, no sooner had the ranger put bullets in his gun than this lioness came out of nowhere charging straight at us. He fired a shot over her head, she didn’t slow. He fired another shot in front of her, kicked up gravel in her face and she stopped, but her ears were down, she had this most amazing wild, angry look. She was about 15 feet from us, and the ranger said, ‘Right, we’ve got to get back to the car before it gets dark. You look ahead, I’ll keep my eye on this lioness.’ “There were six other lionesses in the group, and I was scanning the trees, the bushes, looking for these other females, wondering where they could be. That buzz of adrenaline it was almost like taking a performance enhancing drug – all your senses come alive. I could see every blade of grass… When we arrived at the car the other six lionesses just stuck their heads up out of the grass. Even with four pairs of eyes, we hadn’t seen them. They’d been tracking us the whole way.”

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  • Celebrity
    Entertainment Tonight Videos

    Kourtney Kardashian Escapes to Utah With Ex Scott Disick and Their Kids

    The reality star hit up her Instagram to share pics from the family getaway.

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  • Health
    Good Morning America

    This 27-year-old lost 120 pounds in 1 year by making small life changes

    All her life, 27-year-old Kiah Twisselman believed she just had "bad genetics," which prevented her from losing weight. "I just started showing up and doing it," Twisselman wrote in an Instagram post. In the new issue of People Magazine out this week, Twisselman's incredible weight loss journey -- along with that of several others -- is highlighted.

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