"It Makes Me Feel Important": Adults Are Sharing The 21 Attributes That Make People Immediately Hotter, And Nothing Screams "Green Flag" More

"It Makes Me Feel Important": Adults Are Sharing The 21 Attributes That Make People Immediately Hotter, And Nothing Screams "Green Flag" More

We all know to look out for red flags, but paying attention to green ones is important, too — especially if said green flags are a total turn-on. Recently, redditor u/CrispySprite2001 asked Reddit community members to share the green flags that make someone instantly more attractive, and I can't say I disagree. Here are some green flags you might wanna keep in mind on your next date:

1."The ability to be silly or 'commit to the bit.' If someone can't roll with whatever dumb joke pops out of my mouth — like saying a 'Salisbury St.' sign is short for Salisbury steak — it's not going to work."

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2."Growing up with my amazing engineer mom, who is extremely smart, has really set the bar high for women in terms of competence, intelligence, and independence. Nothing turns me on more than a woman who clearly has her shit together and is extremely smart."


3."Kindness. Automatic, unthinking kindness that comes from deep down in their bones — not some gesture designed solely to impress me."

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4."When they take your movie/music/book recommendations seriously! It's a sign that they're really into you and want to get to know you more from your interests."


5."This is a controversial one, I think, but I look favorably on people who are friends with their exes. Or at least, don't talk unreserved shit about them. It's actually uncommon for only one person to be entirely wrong or fathomably unreasonable in a relationship. I like when people demonstrate that they can take responsibility, critique themselves, and understand other perspectives."

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6."Going out with a guy and watching him be polite and friendly to the wait staff is a MAJOR green flag."


7."Magnanimity and showing empathy when things don't go their way. It's a good sign when someone is accepting and doesn't take things too personally. It makes me think, 'I would love to marry someone like that' when someone doesn't lash out over things they can't control."

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8."They smile and give you eye-contact when we're talking. It makes me feel important and seen."


9."Someone who puts the needs of others before their own. The world is just full of selfish people nowadays — people with this ruthless 'me first, fuck you' attitude. Sensitivity is the most attractive thing to me now. Someone who's in touch with their feelings and is interested in the feelings of others."

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10."When they're interested in something you're passionate about just because it's your interest. Not because they're passionate about the same thing, but solely because they love seeing what brings you joy or what makes you who you are. It's so attractive."


11."They enjoy reading books."

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12."When people are understanding of those who have disabilities. It doesn't happen often, but there are still people out there who make fun of my epilepsy."


13."When they're just a decent human being. They tip well in situations that call for it, never litter, and always put the shopping cart back where it belongs."

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14."How they treat women, especially women who are strangers or who they 'can't be with.'"


15."The ability to adapt to any situation and not allow adversity to get to them. That's a huge green flag for me."

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16."People who do the right thing even if it makes them look bad. Decent people will only do what's expected, but good people will go the extra mile to do the right thing even when no one's watching."


17."Asking questions out of curiosity instead of inquisition. There are few things better than sharing something you like with someone you're interested in."

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18."Having a pet and loving and taking wonderful care of it. It's a major green flag."


19."A random green flag is people who are down to eat any and all types of food. If other cultures can eat it, we can at least try it. Picky eaters are a HUGE turnoff. If you're difficult about food, then what else are you difficult about in life?"

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20."Being mindful of their words when they're angry. If you intentionally say mean things out of anger to destroy someone's confidence and self-esteem, it's a dealbreaker."


21.Last but not least: "My wife told me my green flag is how many kids walk up and talk to me. It happens a lot. No matter where I am, kids and small animals find me like I'm a Disney princess. The animals don't find me as much anymore, but kids always go up to me. They just want to tell me stuff, show me stuff, and try to get me to play with them. You wouldn't believe how many times I have to beg kids to leave me alone because I'm scared people are going to think I'm a creep. My wife thinks it's the best thing on the planet and attributes it to some kind of supernatural sense kids have. I don't know, but it can't be explained."

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BRB, gonna hang around a supermarket and put back all the shopping carts until someone asks me out! What are some green flags you look for in a partner? Do you have any that are uncommon or super specific? Let me know in the comments, or you can anonymously submit using this form!