This small device can stream your vinyl to any smart speaker, not just Sonos

 A2D2 Stream – lifestyle image.
A2D2 Stream – lifestyle image.

Quick Summary

The A2D2 Stream converts your analogue vinyl deck into an audio streamer that works with any smart speaker.

You can also use it to stream playback to Bluetooth headphones via the dedicated app on your phone.

Audio tech firm A2D2 has announced a small, unassuming device that can turn any analogue turntable into an audio streamer, enabling you to wirelessly stream your records to speakers around the home.

While it works with Sonos speakers, you don't specifically need one, just a connected smart speaker that's compatible with Airplay, Alexa or Chromecast.

You can create a multi-room setup from other wireless speakers and soundbars, too, including Denon HEOS.

The A2D2 Stream is a relatively small box that you connect to your deck (or another analogue audio source) via its stereo phono inputs. It comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to hook it up to your home network (the same network as the speakers), and there are also stereo phono and 3.5mm line outputs for good measure.

That means you can put it in the chain if you connect your turntable to separate speakers or an amplifier. And you can use wired headphones with the device.

It's worth noting though that you will need a pre-amp between your deck and the A2D2 Stream if your's doesn't have one built in already. This is not likely to be an issue with modern players or other sources (such as a CD player or tape deck), but it's worth keeping in mind.

The device works with a dedicated app for iOS and Android, which recognises your smart speakers and allows you to connect with a single tap. Alternatively, you can stream playback to Bluetooth headphones via the app (and your phone).

Audio is streamed at up to 48kHz, so better than CD quality, and the analogue to digital conversion is performed in the box.

The A2D2 Stream is available to pre-order now for delivery in June. It costs £149 and is available to order on the manufacturer's own website.