FF7 Rebirth’s Yuffie Actor Was Too Good At Fake Vomiting, Had To ‘Tone It Down’

Screenshot: Square Enix
Screenshot: Square Enix

The actor who provided the English voice of Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth says that while recording her lines, she was asked to pretend that she was puking from motion sickness. Apparently, her fake vomiting was too accurate and gross because Square Enix had to tell her to pull back.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebrith, out now, is the middle installment in Square Enix’s arguably too-long attempt at remaking and expanding the original 1997 RPG. It’s the sequel to 2020’s FF7 Remake and will be followed up by a yet-unnamed-but-confirmed third and final entry in this massive remake trilogy. As part of the marketing push around this latest game, Square Enix interviewed Suzie Yeung, the actor behind the loveable (sometimes annoying) ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi, and found out Yeung is really good at making vomit noises.

In a March 26 interview with Square Enix, as spotted by Gamesradar, Yeung was asked what was the most memorable moment from her time recording lines for Yuffie in Rebirth. According to Yeung, it was during a session where she was asked to simulate puking because Yuffie gets motion sick easily.

“I just remember when we were playing it out,” said Yeung, “my director, Kirk Thornton, was like, ‘Ok, I need you to really act like you’re vomiting right now. I need you actually hurl chunks!’ So, I was trying to give my grossest reaction - and it was great and really fun!”

She then apologized to all the “sympathetic vomiters” out there who blow chunks when they hear or see people puking. It seems Square Enix was worried about those people too, or just grossed out by Yeung’s noises because she says they told her to do it again, but less real.

“But then the team were like, ‘Actually, you need to tone it down - they don’t really like that,’ admitted Yeung. “In the original take it was quite a lot! Hopefully, it’s scaled back a little in the actual game”

As someone who is nearly done with FF7 Rebirth—after idiotically committing to doing every sidequest and collecting all world intel—I can confirm that Yuffie’s vomiting noises are a bit gross but not very realistic. So it seems Square Enix did indeed tone it down, which is probably the right call.


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