Alton Brown's DIY Peanut Butter Is Genius

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor

You’re an avid home cook. You make your own pestos, your own mayonnaise, your own tapenades. You dominate at tomato sauces.

But now you’re perhaps sitting at your desk wondering why you’ve never made your own peanut butter. We are.

According to Mr. Alton Brown, whose hacks we’ve featured before, whipping up your own peanut butter is as simple as frying peanuts in a wok, adding honey and salt, and blitzing them in the food processor.

Now we sort of feel like idiots. Especially since Brown delivers a killer pro tip at the end, about adding a bit of chili oil for “kind of a Southeast Asian thing.”

Excuse us while we leave work early to go fry up some peanut butter. File this under genius.