Alton Brown Wants You to Grill Steak Without a Grate

Rachel Tepper Paley

For two weeks, we’ve got top chefs sharing their little-known tricks for backyard cooking.

Here’s Alton Brown, a man who has never steered us wrong beforeand his latest grilling tip is no exception. How does one cook Alton’s favorite cut of beef, skirt steak? Place it directly on a pile of smoldering natural-chunk charcoal. We already know it works for veggies, why not steak? If Dad’s a steak-lover, we suggest trotting this trick out for Father’s Day.

Since skirt steaks can be tough and chewy relative to other cuts, in the video above Alton stresses they should be treated “specially.” He lets the steaks sit right on the charcoal for 35 to 45 seconds, then wraps ‘em tightly in aluminum foil for another 15 minutes. (The heat trapped inside the foil helps cooks them just a bit more.)

Sure, a little charcoal ash sticks to the meat, but pay it no mind. “A little ash never hurt; it’ll turn into a delicious sauce,” Alton says, adding, “Yeah, I mean it.”

[via Laughing Squid]